2023 Kogi Guber Elections: PDP National Campaign Council Appoint Hon. Evang. Mrs Lovelyn Yemi-Ese as Member

The PDP National Campaign Council for the 2023 Kogi State Governorship election has appointed Hon. Evang. Mrs Lovelyn Yemi-Ese as a member. The appointment was made in recognition of her dedication and contributions to the party.

Hon. Mrs Lovelyn Yemi-Ese (Caring Heart) who also is the founder of Caring Heart Health Services, a Non-governmental Organisation with various branches in Nigeria was among the list of AGM Members appointed for the 2023 Kogi State Governorship Election coming up November 2023.

Hon. Evang. Mrs. Lovelyn Yemi-Ese is a prominent member of the PDP and has been actively involved in party activities at various levels. Her appointment is expected to strengthen the campaign efforts of the PDP in the state and enhance the party’s chances of winning the governorship election.

As a member of the campaign council, she will be responsible for mobilizing support for the PDP candidate, coordinating campaign activities, and engaging with stakeholders in Kogi State. Her experience and knowledge of the political landscape in the state will be valuable assets in the campaign.

The PDP National Campaign Council is confident that this appointment will contribute to the success of the party in the upcoming governorship election in Kogi State. The council is committed to working tirelessly to promote the PDP’s agenda and ensure a victory for the party in the 2023 Kogi State Gubernatorial election..

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