BILLET DOUX FROM THE NORTH TO LAGELU: Cupid’s Arrow Strikes Hon. Eniola

At such a time when Nigerians are apprehensive about the unity of the country due to some centrifugal events, two Nigerians decided to foster national unity on their own individual levels by agreeing to knot the nuptial tie.

Hon. Christabel Eniola is a budding politician, she aspired to represent the Lagelu constituency in the Oyo State House of Assembly, though this attempt didn’t go through , the Governor of Oyo State , His Excellency , Engr. Seyi Makinde noticed her industriousness and appointed her a member of board, Agric Credit Corporation.

She thus became the youngest appointee of the GSM administration and touted as the youngest board appointee in the history of Oyo state, a feat achieved at just 26 years of age! The Lalupon born ebony beauty’s combination of beauty with brain is indeed a great asset to the Governor of Oyo state. Despite her meteoric rise in politics and public service, her mind, body and spirit craved something naturally sacrosanct, a love life with a prince charming. Like the Yoruba pun of going to Sokoto state to find what’s already in one’s sokoto trousers, little did she know that a man was stalking and dying in silence for her love! Recalling how everything panned out,

Hon. Eniola said ,

“He has been in my DM but I never gave proper attention as per pretty hard girl vibes. He spies or lemme say ” eye” me on H.E , BASA status, but he never told her . Fast forward to AGM Oyo first meeting (which he wasn’t supposed to attend because it is not his state or zone).

After the meeting, our path crossed but I didn’t know it was him because I didn’t recognize who has been in my chat.
He walked up to me for direction of a place in Ibadan and funny enough it was my way.
So I offered he join the vehicle I was going with. Two days passed, his chat popped up, thanking me for helping him out, then I realized it was “mr anonymous” from our past chats.
He said he hasn’t been able to go back ( to his base in the North) because he was sick in Ibadan.. I ran to his aid as to show care to a fellow honorable . Conversations and chats went smoother , and the rest was reality . Then , he popped the question and I said YES.

With her famed Hausa-Fulani air and aptly fitting another Yoruba pun which says ” oko emo l’emo lo”, Hon. Eniola said, “I have gone to where I resemble them”.
The lucky man is a politician too from a state in the North East and a member of the Atikulated Global Movement just like her heartthrob, both of them therefore found love in a political platform to campaign for the aspiration of His Excellency , Atiku Abubakar, set up by Hon. Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu (BASA), the National Coordinator. Hon. Eniola and her prince charming also have something in common , entrepreneurial acumen. She is a beauty entrepreneur and a chef while he’s also a business mogul.
Since the duo found love as members of the AGM, we at the AGM therefore can’t wait for the solemnisation of the vows while praying for God’s grace over their lives to be alive and healthy to witness the day and beyond.

By: Seye Akanmu-Bode.
Special Assistant (Print Media) to BASA. He’s the author of the book, THE LEGEND: ATIKU, OYOYO.

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