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Nigeria needs a better Government: PDP On The Way – Prince Wale Gomez

The progressive facade that masked the poisonous concoction prepared and served Nigerians by APC can no longer be sustained as Nigerians are painfully swallowing the bitter pills of the many failures of the APC government in groans.

The party flooded the airspace in 2015 with propaganda of Insecurity and Corruption launched against the then sitting PDP government while fronting a Presidential Candidate garbed in a flawless robe.

Today, after 8 years of cluelessness and deterioration in almost all the sectors of the nation, APC is at its wit’s end!

Insecurity has been on the increase and assuming a new and alarming dimension since the assumption of office/power by the APC. The abducted school students since 2015 are yet to be rescued till date as against the boastful but empty promises of the APC in 2015.

Electricity supply in the nation has hardly significantly improved for the past 7 years not minding the state of dysfunctional infrastructures. Meanwhile, the APC government vowed to turn around this sector in a short while from resumption of office.

Our bouyant economy with an unprecedented re-based GDP that positioned the nation ahead of others in the continent prior the hijacking of power by the APC is now in shambles as our external and local debts are pulling up in a heartbreaking manner. It seems like this government don’t earn any revenue from the vast resources of the country and they go borrowing at every instance.

APC that promised to kill corruption has unfortunately taken corruption to an unprecedented level. Recently there was a discovery of numerous unclaimed bank accounts with huge deposits across many commercial banks in the country in spite of the BVN scheme and the cumulative sum in this fictitious accounts was said to be to the tune of Trillions of naira while the government on the other hand was on the verge of borrowing another loan from China.

Their CBN Governor is now on the run and making efforts to seek asylum in overseas countries. He was said to have been a huge financier of the terrorists in the county with missing huge sums of money traced to him. Meanwhile the case of the erstwhile Accountant General of the Federation who was found to have embezzled over a hundred billion of naira is still there.

It is so appalling that after all these failures, the APC would still expect Nigerians to vote in their party once more especially with their Presidential Candidate this time who is fraught with questionable personality and background.

Las las, APC go chop Breakfast!

Vote Wisely!

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