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About Us


The ATIKULATED GLOBAL MOVEMENT is a voluntary group in the Nigerian
Democratic Space. Our members are selfless grass root party members of the People’s Democratic Party in the 36 states of the country, who have aspired for elective positions; Governorship, Senate, Federal Representative and State House of Assembly and we are from different tribes, race, religion and professions. Our membership is of both genders and spread across the length and breadth of the nation.

Mission and objectives:

  1. To promote true Justice, Unity and Progress in line with the motto of our great party.
  2. To carry out Empowerment programs leading to Election Day, carry out voter’s education, provide Campaign Door to door support, coordinate at Local Government and ward levels, canvass, observe and support polling unit agents on Election Day and protect votes.
  3. To promote the ideal of the constitution and manifesto of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).
  4. To be a bridge between grass root politics and intellectual politics.
  5. To promote the PDP as a viable and credible political platform for young Nigerians who want to participate in partisan politics by initiating and supporting strategic programmes that will endear the party to the Nigerian Youth.
  6. To promote/support programmes that will have a positive impact on its members and the generality of Nigeria and lead to economic emancipation at the grass root level.

We will work with our great party the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), for the successful emergence of a brand-new President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria
with a minimum of Thirty Seven Million votes.

AGM National Leader