The Eponymous Adeleke in the Labyrinth of Fate

A Yoruba adage says that ” ori ti o ma d’ade ko ni sayi de”, that’s, the head that will wear the crown will eventually bear it! It’s expected that the king must have gone through a lot of tribulations in life but he will eventually meet his destiny when the time comes. The name ADELEKE of the Governor of Osun State which means ” the crown ( eventually) becomes victorious, is eponymous as seen in his tribulations since he signified his interest to govern Osun state.

His first attempt saw him being rigged out after the use of ” federal might ” by the APC government , and an unholy wedlock between the defeated candidate , Senator Iyiola Omisore and the APC. We all thought Adeleke had met his destiny when he won the gubernatorial election last year , only to be pegged back by the Election Tribunal days ago which awarded victory to Oyetola on the basis of us over voting which made the tribunal deduct the votes of Governor Ademola Adeleke from the affected areas and this became his albatross unfortunately.

Like the bedlam that happened years ago when the Supreme court awarded victory to Senator Hope Uzodinma of IMO state , denying Emeka Ihedioha is mandate as Governor of IMO state , the court is assuming the role of INEC and depriving the people the right to choose their leader through the ballot box. In a democracy , ultimate sovereignty resides with the people not the court. The court can’t take over this power of the citizens to choose through the ballot box. Could you imagine a distant third contestant , Hope Uzodinma becoming the winner because the Supreme court said so! What happens to the wishes of the people expressed through the ballot box? We all witnessed how the people of Osun trooped out in ecstasy to celebrate the victory of Adeleke when he won last year. On the two occasions that he had contested , he had won only for his victory to be short lived!

We at the ATIKULATED Global Movement under the able leadership of Hon. Bolanle Sarumi-Aliyu( BASA) restates our support and goodwill to Governor Adeleke in this tribulation. Our message to His Excellency is that this shall pass away! Like his name, Adeleke, he will eventually become victorious.

Let me seal the predictable and eventual victory of His Excellency , Gov Adeleke with this enchanting panegyric tercet in Yoruba, ” Ori ti o ma d’ade, inu ado ide ni o wa; orun ti o wo ejigba Ileke, inu ado ide ni o wa; idi ti o wo mosaji, aso oba ti n tan ina yiniyini, inu ado ide naa ti o wa! Adeleke ti j’ade ni inu ago ide, nitori naa, yi o d’ade gomina ipinle Osun. Translated as ” the head that will bear the crown comes from the golden gourd; the neck to put on the bead will come from the golden gourd; the waist that will be wrapped with the kingship clothing will also come from the golden gourd, Adeleke is from golden gourd, therefore , he must surely be crowned as the Governor of Osun state.

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