Samuel Ortom and his enchantment by Peter Obi: A REJOINDER

It is regrettable and ludicrous that Governor Samuel Ortom has decided to allow blatant desperation that will consume him politically to overshadow his sense of reasoning. To say the least, People Democratic Party remains the platform the ungrateful Governor of Benue state used as a vehicle for reelection after his strained relationship with the Leaders of All Progressive Congress prior to the 2019 General Elections.

PDP as a party rallied round, gave him the needed support, and platform which made possible his reelection .

To be candid, Ortom performed poorly in his first term and undeserving of a second term but the PDP decided to give him the benefit of the doubt especially as it was thought the Fulani herdsmen crisis affected his performance. With a second term largely unaffected by the herdsmen crisis, the legendary failure of Ortom points to one direction , grand incompetence and it’s high time the PDP apologized to the Benue people for this error of judgement and error of reasoning.

However, let it be known to Samuel Ortom and his fellow Charlatans that Benue State is totally a PDP State, so without him the party has the formidable structure, and affective following of the people to record tremendous victory at the forthcoming polls with overwhelming results.
It is justifiable to note that since 1999 PDP has only lost Benue State once and that was in 2015 when the implosion in the party then led to the loss of many states to the APC, including the presidency.

The ulterior and sinister motives of Samuel Ortom which get him inebriated to the point of making jejune statements will not see the light of day.

Nigerians are keenly waiting to vote Atiku and other PDP candidates from top to bottom at the forthcoming polls.

Furthermore, I beseech us to sue for peace, calmness,conviviality and focus as party leaders and members as we continue to build and grease the path to rescue Nigeria soon.

Hon. Bolanle Sarumi Aliyu (BASA) National Chairperson of Atikulated Global Movement (AGM) of all Aspirants and concerned Candidates of PDP across the Nation.

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