AGM Anniversary: Special Guests and Key Roles during the Forthcoming Elections

We are pleased to announce that Hon. Deshi Irmiya Ngoyin has extended an invitation to the Bauchi State Governor, Senator Bala Mohammed as a special guest of honor at the upcoming AGM Anniversary. This event as scheduled will mark a special milestone for the movement in which Chairman of the PDP Governor’s forum is also part of the AGM Members.

As an ardent supporter of the Atikulated Global Movement, I believe that the presence of the Bauchi State Governor will greatly enhance the significance of this event. We recognize the Governor’s dedication to public service and commitment to democratic ideals, which align perfectly with the values we uphold.

The AGM Anniversary is an occasion to celebrate our achievements, reflect on our goals, and inspire one another to continue the pursuit of a better future. By offering an inclusive platform for like-minded individuals and organizations, we work towards the collective prosperity and progress of our communities.

Having your esteemed presence at this event will not only serve as an honor for us but will also provide an opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas on issues of mutual interest. We anticipate that your attendance will encourage more individuals to join and strengthen our movement, ultimately contributing to positive change in our society.


1. Planning and Organizing: The AGM will be responsible for planning and organizing through the entire election process. This is to ensure the smooth running of the election day.

2. Election Monitoring: We will oversee the monitoring of the election to ensure that it is free, fair, and transparent. This includes monitoring polling stations, addressing any issues or irregularities, and ensuring that all necessary protocols are followed.

3. Voter Education: We, AGM will play a key role in educating voters about the election process, including their rights and responsibilities, and providing information on the candidates and their platforms.

4. Communication and Public Relations: AGM will be responsible for communicating with its candidates and the media about the election process, providing updates on key milestones, answering queries, and addressing any concerns or issues raised.

5. Result Tabulation: AGM will oversee the tabulation of results from polling stations, ensuring their accuracy and transparency for our candidates.

6. Post-election Evaluation: After the election, the AGM will conduct a post-election evaluation to assess the overall process, identify areas for improvement, and make recommendations for future elections.

7. Legal and Compliance: The AGM will ensure that the election process complies with all relevant laws, regulations, and guidelines. We will also address any legal challenges or disputes that may arise during the election process.


Hon. Deshi Irmiya Ngoyin.

Former SSA on Special Duties to the Governor and AGM National Deputy Secretary, Bauchi State Coordinator.

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